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Finkregh starred alibaba/Dragonfly

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred alibaba/Dragonfly Jun 13, 2018 alibaba/Dragonfly

Dragonfly is an intelligent P2P based file distribution system.

Java 1.1k Updated Jun 13

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Finkregh starred guysoft/FullPageOS

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred guysoft/FullPageOS Jun 11, 2018 guysoft/FullPageOS

A raspberrypi distro to display a full page browser on boot

Shell 2.2k 3 issues need help Updated Jun 11

Finkregh starred git-federation/gitpub

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred git-federation/gitpub Jun 11, 2018 git-federation/gitpub

An extenstion to ActivityPub for web-based Git services federation.

332 Updated Jun 11

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